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What an Adult Family Home Should Offer?

There are so many choices when it comes for choosing a special place for your aging parent. Day View Adult Family Home has been helping families by providing care to your loved ones.
Our todays’ conversation will be about the possibilities a high-standard adult family home should provide. First of all, daily life in such a home should be full of socialization and care. The facility should have all the amenities that make daily activities easier.
Breakfast is the beginning of the day and it’s good if it is served in a dining hall where residents can communicate and enjoy time together. Morning activities that follow breakfast should be of different kinds: outdoor activities, indoor games, reading, watching TV together with friends of alone in the apartment.
We encourage our residents to have walks outside; such outdoor exercises keep your loved ones in good mood and in physical form. Some adult family homes provide such services as taking its residents shopping or to the hair salon, to the bank, etc.
If any help is needed professional staff should immediately assist. An excellent adult family home provides care 24/7 and it doesn’t matter what kind of care is needed. Professionals should be here to help your loved ones.
The middle of the day starts with nutritious lunch. Several words should be said about food that is served. All the meals for seniors should be filled with vitamins, nutrients, give energy and strength for the whole day.
During the second part of the day many residents choose to visit their family and friends. We encourage them to do it, because it is very important to stay connected and not isolated. Socialization, by the way, helps to combat many diseases.
Those who choose to stay can have an afternoon nap or to enjoy their hobby.
Quality homes plan different meetings, invite speakers, interesting people or conduct different kinds of events. The life at a professional adult family home is not boring and full of events.
Usually evening is a family time. Family members come to visit their relatives and spend time with them, we encourage them to stay for dinner and talk to their loved ones. If you have any questions or propositions, we’d love to hear from you. Our goal at Day View Adult Family Home is to make your living here as comfortable as possible.

Top Technologies in Adult Family Homes 

Healthcare and technologies are the industries that are developed quickly, and it’s not a surprise; the part of new technologies in the life of seniors is getting bigger and more impressive. And it doesn’t matter whether your aging parent lives alone or in an adult home, new technologies can become great helpers and improve mobility, safety and independence of your parents.

Here is the list of the most popular and trendy:

·    WI-FI

Our list starts with Wi-Fi because it is very important for seniors to feel comfy wherever they work. It’s much better for them to use their laptop on their favorite and cosy couch and feel safe

·    Wearable devices that are used for monitoring, recording and then transmitting health information to physicians.

Such devices are very important because doctors can control the health state of your loved ones, ask for a visit if needed or prescribe medicines.

·    Wander protection devices, GPS-based systems.

These gadgets help to protect seniors with Alzheimer disease from wondering, which is related to the disease. These devices save from being disoriented and lost.

·    Devices that help to control medication.

Such gadgets work perfectly for those seniors who have problems with memory. These devices help to control the medication process. Special reminders can be set for medication intake and monitoring of the whole process is provided.

·    Internet-Based Brain Games

There are technologies that help to maintain and improve cognitive skills of your loved ones. These technologies include brain games that help to stay focused.

·    Gadgets for caregivers such as video systems.

Video monitoring systems help to observe remotely and respond quickly. However, these systems are not frequently used because they intrude seniors’ privacy.

·    Technologies that keep seniors stay socially included and connected.

We always say that social isolation is a murderer for your loved ones. Physical and emotional health can be improved if your loved ones stay connected with others and with things they like.

Elderly People and Social Media


Social networks are considered to be a wonderful way for getting news and for entertaining. At the same time social media are great for keeping in touch with family and friends. They can play an important role in the life of elderly people who live on their own or at adult family homes.
Why? Here is the list of benefits…
First of all, these people have the possibility to stay in touch with their family, relatives and friends. For seniors, it’s an additional reminder that they are loved and cared. Social media keep them on the same page with their families, and elderly people feel that they are still included into the family life.
The next thing social networks give to seniors is the possibility to share videos or photos. Your loved ones enjoy the pictures of grandchildren and other members of the family. Sometimes it is better to see once than to hear million times.
The activity of different members of the family on social networks gives the sense of peace to elderly people. They see the posts or pictures that have been liked and they understand that everything is fine. Peace is in their mind and in their heart.
Results from a new study on seniors’ use of social networking sites suggest that older adults who use Facebook may experience an improvement in cognitive abilities. Experts agree that social networking helps to improve their cognitive performance and make them feel more socially connected. Social media sites are beneficial to our parents socially and cognitively, it is important that they understand how to use the technology properly, so they can keep their private information secure.
Encourage your parents who live alone to join social media. Be ready that their first answer will be NO! Many of them are afraid of computers, gadgets, etc. Explain to them, teach them, and give them tasks to complete. Try to convince them that social networks are bridges to the family and friends. It would be nice if grandchildren take their time and demonstrate how social networks work.


What’s Better for Your Loved Ones: Assisted Living or Home Care?

a home care nurse visits a patient

For everybody of us, admitting that we or our loved ones can no longer take care of ourselves will be very difficult and harmful. We cherish our freedom and independence and it becomes very hard to allow someone to help us take care of ourselves, dress, take bath, etc.
When you feel that this time has come for you or for your loved ones, it is important to understand what kind of help and care will suit you best. Most senior people prefer staying in their house, but you need to think wisely before letting them to do so.
Experts in this field recommend asking several questions before making any kind of a decision.
1. Do you or your loved ones live alone?
2. What are your desires concerning your future life?
3. Is your house safe? Is there anything that should be improved?
4. Do you know someone who can move and live with your loved one?
5. Is it possible for your family to hire a caregiver who will come and keep your loved one safe?
6. Can they prepare regular meals for them?
7. Do they need to be reminded about medication?
8. Do they want to continue to lead an active life and to be socially included?

Answers to these questions will allow you to understand the situation and will help to clearly see the ways out of this difficult life situation.
Keep in mind that the best way to make a decision is to include your loved ones in this process. This should be their desire and their initiative. Be prepared that your loved ones may choose to stay at home, but this decision may lead to more serious problems (physical and mental diseases).

Try to explain to your loved ones that assisted living is not a nightmare for them, but this is a adult family home that gives the opportunity for seniors to be socially included, to be taken care of on a regular basis, etc.

Please, don’t rush with your decision. Make sure you will find mutual compromise with your loved ones.
If you have any questions concerning adult family homes, our experts will gladly answer them. Don’t hesitate! For more information contact Day View Adult Family Home!

How to Encourage Your Parents to Move into an Adult Family Home?


What can be harder than encouraging your parents to move into an adult family home? Where to start? What to say? Lots of things should be taken into consideration, but the main thing lies in the fact that living in an adult family home has more advantages and possibilities than staying at home alone.

  • One of the benefits of an assisted living is care and guidance from a team of professionals.

You should take into consideration that elderly people suffer not only from physical diseases, but they also have emotional problems such as depression, etc. It is very important to have someone who takes care of your loved ones and enlightens their day. Professionals from Day View Adult Family Home know for sure what your loved ones need and how to make their life brighter and easier. Tell you parents that people who work in a family home will keep an eye on them and will be of a great help and assistance.

  • Great opportunity to meet new people.

Living in an adult family home opens wonderful opportunities to meet new people and to have much in common with them. The atmosphere at an adult family home is favorable for interaction and numerous activities with new people.

  • Active life and entertainment.

Life in an adult family home will be more attractive and full than a life at home in loneliness. Games with friends, all kinds of entertainment, social inclusiveness… all this can be found in an adult family home.

Be sure that your parents as well as you should be prepared for this new period in your lives. Nobody says that transition period will be easy and smooth. Your loved ones will have the adjustment period, but our professionals try to make it as smooth as possible for our residents.

Trained staff provides quality service and hospitality. Your loved ones will be in good hands at Day View Adult Home.

If you have any questions or propositions, we will be glad to hear from you. Don’t hesitate – contact us.

Elderly Depression

Numerous life changes, such as retirement, health problems and limited mobility lead to elderly depression. Elderly depression is considered to be a serious problem that can cause other health diseases.
How can we help our loved ones to come back to life and to enjoying it in a full sense?
Firstly, let’s understand what leads to depression at this age?
One of the main reasons why people are depressed at this age is loneliness. People do not feel that they are needed. Most of them don’t want to be burdens and they do not want to ask for help, though the help is needed.
Isolation and loneliness, disability to physically function on the same level, disability to stay active and to do things and attend the activities they liked. Lots of reasons to feel depressed at their age.
What can be done in order to make elderly people’s life easier, happier and free of depression?
One of the answers is adult family homes. People who work there are trained to watch for causes of elderly depression including loneliness, physical disability, health and cognitive problems, sociability, etc.
At the same time depression can be caused by medication, especially improper usage of the medicine such as painkillers, sleeping peels, calcium blockers, tranquilizers, beta-blockers, high cholesterol medications. Employees from adult family homes will surely monitor medication process to ensure that elderly depression isn’t caused by medication process.
What are the signs and symptoms of elderly depression?
There are numerous symptoms and signs, but the most obvious among them are sleep problems, weight loss, alcohol and medication usage, fatigue, loss of interest in life, social isolation and suicidal thoughts.
Social isolation and loneliness are the main reasons for elderly depression. That’s why our trained employees at Day View Adult Family Home make sure that your loved ones receive not only care, but are included into social life. At the same time, we are here to help your elderly loved ones to control medication and eating process, exercises and social activities.
If you have any questions concerning elderly depression, please call us and our professionals will gladly help you. Elderly depression affects health and wellness of your loved ones, but we are here to help you.

Is Seniors’ Adapting to Disability Possible?


Lots of studies and researches that are dedicated to adapting possibilities to disability have been conducted in US. Recent studies of University of Michigan Institute for Social Research have shown that only about one third of Americans at the age of 65 and older utterly and completely can care of themselves. These people can leave independently and do not need any kind of assistance.

This new study also proved that there are different ways seniors adapt to different kinds of disabilities in their lives.

A research professor at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research has stated that such studies help to develop policies concerning public heath and the quality of life of older Americans.

Researches analyzed data of 8,077 men and women at the age of 65 and older.

The main results of the study included:

  1. About ¼ were able to succeed in accomplishing daily tasks using assistance devices, such as walkers, scooters, bath-shower seats, etc.
  2. 6% of respondents felt much better about their disabilities when the number of daily activities was reduced, for example going outside less often.
  3. 21% said that they would feel much better if they receive help from other people.

It should be said that this study was the first one that estimated the ways of adapting to limitations in daily routine of older Americans.

The group of respondents, who use assistance devices and try to lead an independent life, seems to enjoy their life on the same level as those who can utterly and completely take care of themselves.

Researches analyzed data about such daily activities as going outside, getting out of bed, eating, getting around the house, using the bathroom, getting out of bed, dressing, etc.

The respondents were also asked whether they have encountered or experienced any kinds of difficulties in using assistance devices or whether they have been helped by other people over last year.

The results also showed that the proportion of seniors to perform daily activities varies by age and by activity.

For example, 90% of seniors are able to eat by themselves, but only 54% of respondents said that they are fully able to bathe.

As for the age…45% of respondents at the age of 65-69 are able to function independently, but only 4% can do it at the age of 90 and older.

Women tend to use assistance devices and to live independently more eagerly than men, 26% of women compared to 23% of men.

At the same time older adults with low incomes are less likely to be accommodated to the limitations and declines in their abilities to function.

The results of the study prove that we need to be very sensitive to the needs of older adults. Our team at Day View Adult Home will gladly help those who have difficulties with adjusting to the limitations in functional abilities. We are here to be near you all the time.

How to Find a Great Adult Family Home

how-to-find-good-adult-family-homeAdult Family Homes recently have taken one of the leading places in the senior care field. How to find the best adult family home for the people you care about? Today, experts from Day View will help us to get outside of this question.
Find a location
It is very important to find a location that you will really like. The new home should be as close as possible to your house, so that you can visit your relatives as often as possible. Internet may help a lot in finding the best location. You can also ask friends or relatives for referrals.
Visit every home you’ve chosen
Once you find the desired homes, it is very important to visit them. First of all, drive by every home and see how good the house is. Is this house in good shape? Is a garden well-kept? And is a backyard well-groomed? Take into consideration even small details.
Experts recommend visiting these homes for several times. If you want to observe the details, try to come during mealtime and observe the quality of the services provided. While visiting, try to answer such questions as:
Do staff and residents go along with each other?
Does the house look and smell clean and fresh?
What activities are provided to the residents?
Observe while visiting, ask questions…
Ask for the documents and qualification certificates
Of course, if you want, you can ask for the certificates, the most recent state inspection reports, etc.
Check negative feedbacks and reviews in the Internet.
If it is too much that you can handle, you may contact an eldercare referral agency that will help you find a good home that will suit your requirements.
If you have questions, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you!