The hair aging or secrets of hair care for seniors

The hair aging or secrets of hair care for seniors

With age, not only our skin changes, but also our hair. Gray hair is not the only sign of hair aging. If with age the skin becomes prone to wrinkles, sagging, the signs of aging hair are brittleness, weakness and dull color. Hair loses its elasticity, becomes thinner. Naturally, the structure of your hair when you are 20 and 50 years old is quite different, that is why the hair care should also vary with the age. To maintain the beauty of your hair as long as possible, it’s helpful to listen to the advice of experts and follow some rules.

The impact of hormones on our hair

After 40, even long before menopause, female body begins to produce less estrogen – a hormone that has a positive impact, including on the life cycle of hair. The hair growth slows down and thus the physiological hair loss is not balanced out by sufficient growth of new hair. Gradually, hair gets thinner, its brittleness increases, and the appearance gets worse. Supplementation, which contain cysteine and tyrosine – substances that limit the negative impact on the hair and strengthens their capillary fiber can extend the natural balance and protect hair from age-related changes.

If the loss is focal in nature, you will not be able to deal with it without the help of a dermatologist and a specialist treatment.

The hair becomes porous

The next type of hair age-related changes is very similar to the processes occurring in the skin. With age, the number of substances that are gluing, “cementing” the flakes of hair is significantly reducing, and the pores between them become bigger and bigger. The reduction of keratin and collagen amount leads to the fact that hair becomes less protected from the aggressive influence of external environment, especially ultraviolet rays.

To protect your hair, use a special shampoo to wash your hair with high UV – filters. Once a week, make it a rule to apply a nourishing mask, restoring the structure of your hair. Thus, the hair will be protected from the negative effects of the sun, wind and pollution.

Dull hair color

With the age, indeed, hair becomes less shiny, loses its bright color. The outer shell of the hair consists of many overlapping small flakes. The hair shine and its beautiful color are provided by the reflection of the light by the outer shell of the hair. When the capillary fiber lacks internal moisture, these flakes rise and reflect the light in a lesser degree or irregularly.

Beautiful color and luster of the hair begins with the proper and adequate nutrition. Sufficient presence of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the diet is very important. Such substances increase capillary hair fiber, as well as its growth. Regarding cosmetic products based on silicone, they, of course, provide the softness and shine of hair, but at the same time affect only the outer shell of hair, without solving the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, the prolonged regular use of such means can cause the hair to become even duller.

Increased hair brittleness

The weakening and increase of hair brittleness is connected with its dehydration, lack of moisture. In this case, well help preparations for hair washing with pro-vitamin B5, which stimulates the oxygen saturation and microcirculation in the tissues, and hence, improves the nutrition of hair follicles. To restore extremely dry, almost dehydrated hair, you can use something as simple as olive oil. Once a week you need to rub olive oil in the hair and massage the scalp. This will significantly improve the condition of your hair; saturate it with moisture and nutrients.

Electrostatic voltage

With the age also the fact that the hair is susceptible to a greater degree of electrostatic voltage becomes more noticeable. This happens because after 50 years milestone the chemical composition of hair is changing. To avoid electrostatic voltage of your hair and a little bit funny phenomenon of “standing up” hair, try to use a hair dryer as seldom as possible. For the “taming” of hair you can use hair spray, but it is useful once a week to apply a hair mask with collagen. Thus, you will not only take perfect care of your hair, but you’ll practically solve the problem of electrostatic voltage of your hair.

Stay healthy and beautiful!

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