What Incontinence Products to Choose?

What Incontinence Products to Choose?

For many people, buying incontinence supplies can be really confusing. It doesn’t matter whether you buy for yourself or for your loved ones. It’s not a secret that people of different ages can suffer from incontinence problems. If you have faced this problem, this article is for you, below you will find several important tips on how to choose the right products.

First of all, there are two types of briefs: cloth and disposable. Disposable pads are the most popular because they are more convenient. They are also recommended to people who have skin problems, because cloth pads worsen skin problems.

The next step is to decide what style you prefer. There are usual “pad” style and pull-ups. Pull-ups is a kind of underwear. They are good for those seniors who still lead an active life. Usual adult briefs are recommended for seniors who stay most of the time at home or are bed-bound. It seems to us that usual pads are more for those who have lost the ability to move, and caregivers help people to change them. For all the rest seniors, pull-ups are fine.
While choosing an incontinence product, please, consider the absorbency level. If your loved one drinks a lot or is diabetic choose more absorbent supplies.

Quality of the product plays an important role either, but we are lucky to have a great choice. Research, try and change brands if needed. When you find the ones you like, stick to the brand and buy when you see the discount.

We really hope that these tips will help you to choose the incontinence products that will work perfectly for your loved ones and make their lives easier.

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