Elderly People and Social Media

Elderly People and Social Media

Social networks are considered to be a wonderful way for getting news and for entertaining. At the same time social media are great for keeping in touch with family and friends. They can play an important role in the life of elderly people who live on their own or at adult family homes.

Why? Here is the list of benefits…

First of all, these people have the possibility to stay in touch with their family, relatives and friends. For seniors, it’s an additional reminder that they are loved and cared. Social media keep them on the same page with their families, and elderly people feel that they are still included into the family life.

The next thing social networks give to seniors is the possibility to share videos or photos. Your loved ones enjoy the pictures of grandchildren and other members of the family. Sometimes it is better to see once than to hear million times.

The activity of different members of the family on social networks gives the sense of peace to elderly people. They see the posts or pictures that have been liked and they understand that everything is fine. Peace is in their mind and in their heart.

Results from a new study on seniors’ use of social networking sites suggest that older adults who use Facebook may experience an improvement in cognitive abilities. Experts agree that social networking helps to improve their cognitive performance and make them feel more socially connected. Social media sites are beneficial to our parents socially and cognitively, it is important that they understand how to use the technology properly, so they can keep their private information secure.

Encourage your parents who live alone to join social media. Be ready that their first answer will be NO! Many of them are afraid of computers, gadgets, etc. Explain to them, teach them, and give them tasks to complete. Try to convince them that social networks are bridges to the family and friends. It would be nice if grandchildren take their time and demonstrate how social networks work.

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